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Florida Business Broker, Jim Straza / Credentials

Florida Business Broker, Jim Straza / Credentials With 30 years of experience as a transaction broker in Florida, I have established a record of successful dealings and developed the expertise to help you achieve your goals in the sale or purchase of a business, or in a merger with another company.

As a business broker, I often work as a neutral party to facilitate business sales, acquisitions and mergers, and to manage transactions to their completion and through the transitional period that follows the closing of a deal.

I have also worked as an advocate for both buyers and sellers.

While I am not alone in serving this field, the excellent service I provide differentiates me from other brokers. I operate with discretion and apply my expertise to ensuring that only quality Florida Business for Sale listings and accurate information are accepted and offered to the business owners with whom I work.

I am committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all parties involved in a transaction, and am dedicated to the successful completion of the mergers, acquisitions and sales in which I am involved. Between 65 and 75 percent of the companies I have listed have sold successfully.

I specialize in dealings involving manufacturing, distribution and construction companies, as well businesses serving the construction industry. I also have a particular interest in working with companies in the sporting and recreation industries.

I am based on the Gulf Coast of Florida in Fort Myers and will travel anywhere in the state to work on qualified transactions. Contact me for more information about my services, or to begin work on a merger, sale or acquisition.

Thank you,

Jim Straza
Florida Business Broker
Business Brokerage Solutions, LLC

Florida Business Brokers Association

I am a member of the Business Brokers of Florida &. This 15 + year old organization is comprised of over 100 companies engaged in business brokerage in the state of Florida working together to serve you.

The BBF & AFLBB Will Benefit You

Due to our active affiliation with the Business Brokers of Florida & Alliance of Florida Business Brokers, my staff and I have:

Approximately 250 Businesses For Sale in the South West Florida area

Approximately 2000 Businesses For Sale in the state of Florida.


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