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Florida Business Valuations

A Business Valuation is among the most significant elements in the sale or purchase of a business, and is also a critical factor in business mergers. To accurately evaluate a business and establish a value that captures its real and potential worth, a thorough approach and experienced practitioner are required. Expertise in the valuation process is equally important as you research listings for acquisition or merger in order to find the best business to suit your needs and to achieve a good return on your investment.


With more than a decade of experience as a transaction broker in business sales, mergers and acquisitions, I employ a thorough and reliable approach to evaluating a business to determine its real value and earning potential.

Thorough Valuation

The valuation of a business must take several factors into account. These include:

My assessment will render an independent and accurate valuation of the business that will place the listing in the right price range and serve as a solid foundation for a marketing package.

Expert Advice

My expertise in this area is also valuable as acquisitions and mergers are researched and planned. An understanding of the actual value and earning potential of a business, as well as an examination of all important assets, will be crucial to selecting the right business to buy, or the best company with which to merge and expand your existing business. I present listings only after conducting evaluations of the companies they represent and working to verify the legitimacy and accuracy of the information upon which their valuations are based.

Contact me for more information about business valuations, or if you are interested selling a business or buying a company.

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